About Asian Hots Pro (V3.0)

Thank you for choosing Asian Hot (Pro V3.0)

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This Asian Hot application is not normal "Asian Hot" application which simply gives you a list of hot images but no more.


Difference from other HOT GIRL apps:

You can UPLOAD, RATE any HOT images

You will also be recommended a list of images based on what you have uploaded. (This is really cool, isn't it?)

Lite V1.0:
    - Initial release
Lite V2.0Beta:
    - Video feature
    - Fix top status bar bug
    - Add auto-play button
    - Activity indicator for building photo list
    - News and announcements system
    - Increase thumbnail preview performance
    - Photo review system before publishing
Pro V2.0:
    - No ads
    - Unlimited photos and video views
    - 1 rating counted as 3 Lite user ratings

12-19-2009 Asian Hot Lite V1.0 Submitted to Apple Store for review
12-24-2009 Asian Hot Lite V2.0Beta development completed
12-30-2009 Asian Hot Lite V1.0 Available for download in Apple Store
12-30-2009 Asian Hot Lite V2.0 Submitted to Apple Store for review
12-30-2009 Asian Hot Pro V2.0 Submitted to Apple Store for review

Privacy Claims:

This app will ONLY use your UUID (which can not be mapped back to you in anyway) You device's name (such as Tom's iPhone) (Don't worry, there are at least 1 million Toms in the world) You can also change your device's name in the settings to be "ANONYMOUS"

When uploading images:
You SHOULD NOT upload sexual, nude images.
OTHERWISE, your device ID will be banned for 1 MONTH

We encourage you to upload any image with the theme of "Asian Hot". So off-topic images you uploaded may not be approved or may be removed with many dislikes